SW-950 Key Switch Button (Stainless Wall Type)
ID-60 Industrial Opener Power 60Nm (Single Phase) / 120Nm(3 Phase) 12m Hand Chain
SW-500 No touch Switch Button
SW-720 Push Button With Base
PB-1500 Photo Sensor 15m
RC-390 Remote Wall Switch With Base
UPS Battery 24V
PBP-1000 Photo Sensor 10m
SW-850 Industrial Push Button
Flash Alarm
RC-383 Remote Wall Switch
Flash Alarm (with Antenna)
SW-750 Cable Wall switch With Base

Sliding gate motors

Products are tested over time and suitable for all weather conditions and usage. 4 Series to choose from for your every need.


Gear motor for sliding gates. Gear case made of aluminium for semiindustrial use up to 800 Kg.


Gear motor for sliding gates. Base and frame made of aluminium for industrial use up to 2000 Kg.


Motors for industrial doors

  • Very compact
  • Design simple and robust
  • Extremely easy to install and adjust
  • Equipped with double 16A mechanical limit switches
  • Installation without using control panel with buttons NA “dead man”.
  • Available at 24V with ENCODER


Electromechanical operator for folding doors.



Innovative products for your newly developed needs

Battery-operated automatic barrier to protect a parking space. Galvanised steel frame Obstacle detection when being opened Complete KIT


Electromechanical traffic barriers


  • Made of galvanized steel and painted with epoxy powder
  • Robust materials unchanging over time
  • For bars up to 4m and 6m
  • Unique version left and right
  • Grease lubrication
  • Intrinsically safe Balancing system of the bar PATENTED
  • Easy installation
  • Motor SLS system inside - PATENTED Intensive use
  • Easy manual release
  • Available color: Yellow - other colors available by quantities

Motors for garages

Ready for the future.


  • Electro-reducer for overhead garage doors with counter weights
  • Sober and elegant shape
  • Design simple and robust
  • For overhead garage doors up to 9m² (over 9m² use 2 motors)
  • Equipped with double mechanical limit switches 16A External release available

Accessories for gates

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