Industrial Roller Doors

Long lasting Door Panels - according Industrial Roller Doorsto the durability test the door panels have proven to have a long life span. Both Zincalume and multi treatment coatings are used to ensure resistance to corrosion. They are produced by qualified vendor with international patent license ( Sysco company).

DESIGNER door panels comprises of 0.6mm thick zincalume coated steel panels, achieving the status of highest thick high quality powder coated door panel in the Sri Lankan roller door market with high quality multiple layers of baked paint. Both sides of the door panels are equipped with strong and durable reinforced flat nylon poly strips to eliminate the need to lubricate the tracks.

DESIGNER Roller Door features a 2 years on site warranty for the Opener including labour. We also proved a 12 month warranty on transmitters remote controllers (LEDs and batteries excluded). 10 years warranty for cracks on colour bond Zincalum door panel (Excludes salt corrosion and chemical inference)

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Amil Industries Industrial Roller Doors

Industrial Roller Doors Industrial Roller Doors Industrial Roller Doors

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